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More Innovation, More Wealth

Japan’s advanced financial infrastructure and services in comparison to other foreign countries has also resulted in a delay in Japan’s investment into Financial Technology, or FinTech for short. Japan boasts high reliability and security in payment matters, and there is a well-developed ATM network that can be used anywhere within Japan. Overall, the nation’s real-time remittances among various financial institutions are at a very advanced level. However, in 2018, the total amount of household financial assets totaled 1829 trillion yen, while the total amount retained by large companies exceeded over 425 trillion yen. The need for fund liquidity or purchases is gradually decreasing by the year.

We at JSTBA work to build a bridge to the future of the Japanese economy by independently promoting FinTech using the liquidity of funds in Japan. Our philosophy is built on the need to work in partnership with various overseas organizations, countries, and governments to solve the current economic issues within the nation.

We will endeavor towards supporting Japanese companies from the base up.