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Business Outline

Business Outline

Business Outline

Support for Overseas Development

Supporting the development of association members in overseas endeavors, as well as supporting the establishment of local corporations.

Up-to-Date Information on Finances

Providing the latest information within Japan on FinTech, AI developments, blockchain, technology, venture capitals, rules and regulations, and more.

Business Partnership Advising

  • Building strategies for long-lasting business alliances
  • Company evaluation and/or negotiation of conditions
  • Advice on business and/or organizational integration
  • Introduction to potential business partner companies

Monitoring & Mentoring

  • Establishment of rules and self-regulations
  • Establishment of guidelines for conducting safe transactions and services using security tokens within Japan
  • Monitoring whether each and every company is able to issue security tokens appropriately
  • Guidance, recommendations, or discharging of association members